Memes are ideas the can be transmitted and altered. We focus on memes as a unit of cultural analysis. Our lab develops methods that are used to study memes. In turn, we use memes to study people, including their relationships.

Social Simulations

Our lab is developing new techniques for social simulation. We focus on Agent-Based Modelling (ABM) for conducting computational social simulations.

Network Scholarship

We apply network analysis methods to scholarship, including coauthorship networks and bibliographic analysis. Our lab develops methods as well as applies those methods to inter-disciplinary questions. In particular, we are studying the Computational Social Science literature to identify inter-disciplinary opportunities.


Memes; Psychology; Social Psychology; Agent-Based Modeling; Individual-Based Modeling; Simulation; Social Network Science; Computational Social Science; Computational Social Psychology; Computational Psychology; Complexity; Complexity Science; Emergence; Emergent Systems; Social Systems; Quantitative Social Science; Dynamic Systems


SISR Lab hosts social datasets for local analysis.

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